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Studying Abroad

The Seattle University Education Abroad Office oversees student study abroad programs. There are opportunities to study abroad for a quarter, semester, or full school year. Most of these programs are aimed at undergraduate students, as there are a very limited number of classes one can take as a graduate student and receive transfer credit.

In addition to Seattle University's study abroad opportunities, Albers offers a number of short-term courses abroad lead by faculty members, and exchange programs.

Education Abroad Programs

The Education Abroad Office provides a list of global opportunities that are great fits for Albers students. Programs in Beijing, China; Seoul, South Korea; Madrid, Spain; and Tokyo, Japan are just a few of the programs suggested for Albers undergraduate students. Undergraduate students interested in studying abroad are required to complete the following five steps in order:

  1. Complete Education Abroad 101 on Canvas.
    Currently enrolled students will be added into the "Global Engagement with Education Abroad" Canvas course. In Module 1: Explore, you will complete Education Abroad 101, a self-paced information session that provides an introduction to Education Abroad at SU. This must be complete before meeting with an Education Abroad Advisor.

    Request Canvas Course Invitation

  2. Explore programs.
  3. Attend Education Abroad Planning Meeting with your Education Abroad Advisor. 
    1. In this small-group session, you will meet with your Education Abroad Advisor and gain more in-depth knowledge and resources regarding financial and academic planning, as well as how to identify programs that meet your particular goals and needs. You will also receive an overview of the application process and next steps.
    2. After participating in this meeting, you are welcome to schedule further one-on-one appointments with your Education Abroad Advisor for follow-up advising. You can make appointments with them through Canvas.
  4. Apply to your program.
    Please note that there is no guarantee that students who apply to SU-Sponsored and Exchange programs for an entire academic year will be approved that length of time. Talk to your Education Abroad Advisor for more information about this.
  5. Complete Required Pre-Departure Paperwork and Orientation.

Study Tour Courses for 2023

Study Tour courses are one- or two-week in-country classes. The groups explore a country to learn about the culture and history, but also visit local companies for presentations on international business topics. The subject of the course is dependent upon which class you are taking. Classes are given in marketing, economics, e-commerce, to name a few.

Students attend pre-departure classes to familiarize you with the country you are going to visit and begin your class report, which is due at the end of the course. Upon your return, there is a course briefing.

Limited scholarships are available for students participating in 2023 study tours. The scholarship application for undergraduate student participants is now open and due Wednesday, February 15. Scholarship recipients will have the scholarship applied to spring quarter 2023 tuition.

Undergraduate Scholarships Application

The scholarship application for graduate student participants will open on April 1 and the scholarship will be applied to your summer quarter 2023 tuition. Please check this page in the coming weeks for more information.

For information on the available Study Tour Courses, click the Information buttons below.

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